odML Terminologies

Data model for storing arbitrary metadata

odML (open metadata Markup Language) is a file format for storing arbitrary metadata. The underlying data model offers a way to store metadata in a structured human- and machine-readable way. Well organized metadata management is a key component to guarantee reproducibility of experiments and to track provenance of performed analyses. More information about the odML project can be found on the odML project page.

odML Terminologies

odML facilitates and encourages standardization of scientific metadata by providing terminologies. An odML-file can be based on such a terminology. In that case one does not need to provide definitions since they are part of the linked terminology. This page hosts all currently available odML Terminology files.

Current version

The following leads to the latest version (v1.1) of the odML Terminologies.

Previous versions

Previous odML Terminology versions can be found here which contain all available odML Terminology files in the odML format version v1.0.

Get involved

The Terminologies are a community project, if you find something missing, please consider adding your comments, issues or even terminology files on the projects' source page on Github: G-Node/odml-terminologies.